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    squid the movie is loosely based on an ongoing relationship between two men. I want to say both were in the Navy, certainly the main character was as the story begins with the end of WWII, the other character is basically L. Ron Hubbard of Scientology fame. But it is not a polemic nor is it a study of that group per se. One man thinks he has the answers and the other man circles around those answers. You made some remark about a sailor fucking a woodpile which lines up with some of the behavior depicted herein. As an a man in his 70s I know said of it it is a black comedy. Without giving away too much it has suggestions of other stories of the time, it was shot in Hawaii...the filmmaker made the effort to shoot it in 65mm for the visual quality which translates to projection on 70mm which I think makes a difference...meaning it is worth the trip to theater to see it big scale.
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    squidster you will definitely want to go see this movie : The Master. It is all up in the sailor life. I saw for the second time tonight got a rain check ticket cause the 70mm projector broke so I'll see it again in 70mm. See it and we can discuss it.

  3. capt, a real kilt is made of about 8 yards of wool. The heavies are made of 14-16 oz wool. In Texas you would cook in that. They are very warm. Both of mine are medium weight, 12-13 oz wool and even then I was very warm in below freezing weather. The only leather parts are the three small straps used to buckle it on, one on the left, two on the right. There is a company that makes "UtiliKilts." No kidding. I've seen some. They are made of heave grade cotton and have pockets. I've seen construction workers wearing them. Look it up.
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    I went out to the local hamburger joint tonight and while waiting for my meal, this dude walks up sporting a kilt ! It made me immediately think of you Sir! Damn thing looked to be made of leather-sorta fitting for this neck of the woods. Certainly something you don't see every day!
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    oldsquidster I just found this guy's blog...I was looking for information on economics and found an article that sounded honest so I kept following the thread and came upon this...sounds right up your alley.

    The guy is even polite to scumbags.

    12/24/2011 | Kimball Corson (kimcorson att netzero dott com)

    I used to be a moderate until the Koch & Friends libertarian propaganda
    machine starting in the mid-1970's came along and spent nearly two billion
    on their effort and everyone else shifted far right.
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    squid I paid for this download from Alternative Radio. The email I got with the link to listen to the interview says I can use the link ten times until Nov. 3 so I'm guessing I can let someone else listen to them. The second one Crisis of Capitalism is the one I heard bits and pieces of today.
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Vote in the Republican Primary and

by oldsquid on 03-12-2017 at 11:27 AM
you may get one of these:

SPECIAL NOTICE: You have been selected to represent Voters in Texas' 31st Congressional District. Enclosed please find documents registered in your name.
It was accompanied by a four page cover letter, signed by the Chair of the National Republican Committee and addressed to me by name, and begins with: "After suffering eight years under Barack Obama we finally have the opportunity to reverse the damage he has done to our nation and

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Our deliberate distortions on race relations

by oldsquid on 01-09-2017 at 02:34 PM
The AAS is reporting a federal court decision that the city of Pasadena, TX was deliberately trying dilute Hispanic voting by moving to an at-large city council format. The decision says clearly that it was the white folks of Pasadena who were thinking in racial terms. But in typical fashion, some only blame those who point out that fact, and place no blame on the white folks who started the whole problem, such as Ant's comment on the article:

The Dems see everything in racial

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Speaking of poorly educated morons

by oldsquid on 11-24-2016 at 05:47 PM
Here is an article about four San Antonio women wrongly convicted of sexual assault. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals overturned their convictions and declared their "actual innocence," as opposed to merely being "not guilty," which is a legal standard and is entirely different. But after reading the article, read down through the comments section and you can find examples of those people with degrees who are "dumb as dirt," including our own Antonious and someone

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The National War on Public Education

by oldsquid on 11-24-2016 at 05:26 PM
Below is an article detailing how public education is being slowly strangled to death in North Carolina, but the lessons there apply pretty much to every conservative state in the country. I single out conservative states because states that still adequately fund the public schools, like in Massachusetts, are showing the benefits of that funding through much higher test scores. Here's the article:

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An ordeal through which we must pass

by oldsquid on 11-18-2016 at 09:56 AM
This is it. This is the far right's last great push to take us backwards. First came Trump's inclusion of Stephen Bannon, about as racist and white supremacist as one can get. And now, Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

Back in 1986 Session was nominated by President Reagan for a federal judgeship. That nomination was later withdrawn in the face of

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