Deso Dogg - Baller Jihadi

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Tupac ain't got shit on this gangsta. Jockin' tha white women and muderin tha infidels while dodging two unsuccessful drone attacks.

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    Who benefits and take great pleasure in destroying Syria with the side benefit of fucking Europe hard on the asshole? Besides ISIS?
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    Should we just back off and let Putin and Assad have it their way?
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    We should leave Assad the fuck alone. We have ZERO reason to be raping Syria for Israel. If a person thinks that it is moral to destroy Syria my question is when did sociopaths like Jews in Israel become moral or our government become moral? If a person thinks that Israel doesn't take great pleasure in destroying Europe and the US that person is a little too sheltered and a Christian.

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    Americans are mom, mom stays busy with her TV show/housework while hubby teaches his 13 year old step-daughter the fine points of sexuality American foreign policy style. He waterboards that little kitty until it sings.
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    Are you suggesting that Assad is bending over for Putie that it will only spell trouble for you bank account in the future if America lets a country determine itself?
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    BTW Grillzeé had a dream about Putin last night.

    Along with an ex whore/grrlfriend.
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    Also BTW don't forget your morals were designed by a Jew meaning your inner life is Jewish. You actually think like a Jew and curtail creativity like a Jew based on your moral parameters.

    Give it up for world domination.


    When my old lady friend died and I spoke at her memorial I told the crowd [the old lady was a 'secret' XXXtian still] that she went with her beloved Indians. I tell you the story for translation into your Jewish mindset at the Ollie movie.

    & BTW anyone who doesn't do otherwise should stop complaining about Orange Pigshit he's enforcing the Jewish morality i.e. the American Morality.
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    Most days, I have CNBC on in the background. Just watched Larry Kudlow. Either the dude has a dementia-related slur, or he recently discovered a stash of air-preserved quaaludes from 1980.
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    I'm gun run for office on the Slogan : Watch Television : Go To Prison

    Can you send me a link on this Lisa Kudrow bitch?
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    I bought a Quaalude from a UFO hippy once.
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    “But two mistakes destroyed the fruits of the splendid victory. The proletariat stopped half-way: instead of setting about “expropriating the expropriators”, it allowed itself to be led astray by dreams of establishing a higher justice in the country united by a common national task; such institutions as the banks, for example, were not taken over, and Proudhonist theories about a “just exchange”, etc., still prevailed among the socialists. The second mistake was excessive magnanimity on the part of the proletariat: instead of destroying its enemies it sought to exert moral influence on them; it underestimated the significance of direct military operations in civil war, and instead of launching a resolute offensive against Versailles that would have crowned its victory in Paris, it tarried and gave the Versailles government time to gather the dark forces and prepare for the blood-soaked week of May.” —Lenin
    Damn what If a dogg were to look through the Trotskii's quotes/idears to find out where the NeoCons planned they bloodthirsty demise of baikalzez dream? They done figure a nigga like Fucktard gonna rot from the inside first? One thing Grillzez remembers studying anarchy back in the day was the revolution depends on controlling the radio station. The cookbook cookers done did that shit. Now a bruh gots to figure the excrement dialed in is from a butthole they appreciate but in fact the turds are swarth too they come out banana shaped ready for easy consumption. Dazed & Confused but one sexy piece of shit.

    Michael P. KaehlerThe conditioning is quite effective, Russia was the petri dish. It will be interesting to see what truths are possessed in the State Archives as the Soviets were good at keeping records and they had first access to the all the German Archives that weren't moved out of Berlin. Then, too, a great deal of material has been turned over to the Israelis by the United States Government for their Archives and it would be extremely "interesting" to look at the reality of what took place between "Judea Declares War" in 1933 through to 1950 being the end date of the Holocaust of the German People from May1945-1950 took place and approximately 15 Million Germans were murdered by various policies of the Victors or shall we say, the Agents of the Victors of the Second Zionist War. And Russians died in their millions, too. The Period needs to be studied and viewed objectively as opposed to the myths, lies, exaggerations, and omissions and I think that a lot of our history will turn into folk lore unable to withstand the facts.
    The Final Irony for Dogg Desert Esso is that he was being paid by Jerusalem to destroy Arab sovereignty for the sake of Zion.
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    Yo bruh here is sum murder porn for you starrin Deso Dogg [please remember these fellers Apologized to Israel for misstepping on they oil fields. Watch the vid then ask youself if these guys are afraid of Israel then what is up with that assquake?].
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    We need to find sum real tits :
    Who is putting which cock in what hole in Syria :
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    Forget Kudlow, Ollie is the one who is evidently strung the fuck out. Putin is many things but is not a fucking "straight shooter".
    Updated 05-03-2017 at 10:33 AM by baikal
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    Humor experts deem this homophobic?

    Check out Joe Namath's teeth.
    Updated 05-03-2017 at 10:26 AM by baikal
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    Quote Originally Posted by baikal
    Forget Kudlow, Ollie is the one who is evidently strung the fuck out. Putin is many thing but is not a fucking "straight shooter".
    i know I saw that compared to are politicians it is kind of embarrassing.

    Fuck Colbert.
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    Yo baikalzez you address is Fruit Cake Guyana but where do you get yo mail?
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