Putrefying $ Greed

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In man, the wolf represents that strange
indiscriminate desire to eat up everybody
and everything, to have everything, which is
visible in many neuroses where the main problem is
that the person remains infantile because of an unhappy
childhood. Such persons develop a hungry wolf
within themselves. Whatever they see they
say, "Me too!" If one is kind to them,
they demand more and more.
Молодой says it is
which cannot be identified
clearly with power or sex. It is
even more primitive, it is the desire to
get everything. Give such people an hour a week
and they will want two; if you give them two, they want
three. They want to see you in your spare time, and if you gave
that, they would want to marry you, if you married them, they
would want to eat you, etc. They are completely driven.
It is not really that they want it; it wants it. Their
"it" is never satisfied, so the wolf also creates
in such people a constant resentful dissatis-
faction. It stands as a symbol of bitter,
cold, constant resentment because
of what it never had. It wants
really to eat the
whole world.

Grillzez searched Nordic/Wolves
Found this.
Doesn't look like a wolff per se
But look Nordic
Kind of wolff like I'm sure once
the truth is skated.
Alas she is Italiano.
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