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Warren got her Coretta Scott King on and the angry white guys got angry that she violated an arcane rule that the angry white guys have no problem violating when it suits them (IOKIYAR). Of course, the fact that Kingís letter impugned the character and judgment of the racist Sessions is what gives the GOP fits encapsulates the entire state of politics in 2017.

Women stand up for their rights, and are swatted down by the misogynists.
Minorities stand up for their rights, and angry white guys complain that their rights are being diminished (because they donít have the hegemony that they once did).

Meanwhile, Bannon/Trump are still droning on about how crime rates are at multiyear highs, when itís actually the opposite. Multi Decade lows - both as far as rates and overall figures. But Bannon/Trump donít care about facts. They simply want their supporters to feel unsafe so that Bannon/Trump can swoop in and curb civil and voting rights.

The Muslim ban is just one example. Bannon/Trump are lying every time they open their mouths about how the program works and would keep Americans safe. Yet when it came time to put up in the 9th Circuit, their lawyers had to admit they had nothing.
Authoritarian. Ignorant. Misogynistic. Anti-reality/anti-fact/anti-science.

This is the GOP as it stands today.

The topper is that this morning Yemen revoked permission for the US to carry out airstrikes/missions in Yemen. That, in a nutshell, makes the US less safe thanks to Trump.

ButÖ you know.. emails.

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    Not only will it get worse, but the Trumpians really believe they are hearing the gospel when Bannon/Trump vomit their lies.
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    And meanwhile, we get to see Trump being "presidential:"
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  5. Grillz's Avatar
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    And here is a good example of the misinformation campaign being run by Trump, and the crap his followers were swallow:
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    Good for him.
  9. oldsquid's Avatar
    Even if we aren't at war, they seem to be intent on starting one.
  10. baikal's Avatar
    Sheeeit. Bannon is an End-timer? That can't be good.
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    Sorry to step on your piece TB. I was hoping the Squid would had beat me to it. The 9th Circus just put El Presidente in his place tonight. Rightfully so but he still has a chance with the 5th. Trumps proposal to ban anyone he doesn't like/trust can STILL come to the USA. My guess is Bannon is at work as I type this to try and fuck all us level headed folks. All the Billy-Bob- betty-Sues are getting what they voted for.
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    This order is so flawed, the 9th had to boot it out. Trump could withdraw it, edit, and probably get it through, but that's not his style.
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    Tomorrow's 5am shitter call in the White House should be classic unless they hide his phone.
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    I herd he called some general at 3am to ask him if it was more beneficial if the dollar was stronger or weaker worldwide.
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  18. Grillz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by baikal
    This order is so flawed, the 9th had to boot it out. Trump could withdraw it, edit, and probably get it through, but that's not his style.
    Quit talking shit man he said he's gonna revise it.

    Jesus gonna get all up in yo grillz bitch.

    Trump also said he was gonna fix Fukushima.

    Also Vlad is going to give him Snowden to kill in exchange for some type of booty call. Snowden hasn't been poisoned which in itself is a miracle.
    Updated 02-10-2017 at 06:07 PM by Grillz
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