It's Morning in America

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    • peggy6824 • a day ago

      This election has taught us, without a doubt that the left/Democrats pose the greatest threat to honest, fair, & safe elections & that they will never put the American people & the country first.

      The truth about the American people, Liberal, Leftists, Progressives, Democrats, & the lamestream media with their “fake news” that can no longer be denied.

      The American people are more intelligent & knowledgeable then those on the left realize thus they continue to refer to the American people as uneducated, ignorant, & low information voters.

      They fail to understand that their lies (fake news), manipulation, & overall underhanded tactics no longer work & yet they continue which is one of the reasons they lost the election.

      They seem to think that the American people have short memories & have forgotten all that has happened over the past 8 years thus continuing to peddle lies/”fake news” which only serves to anger the American people while they (the left) continues to dig themselves in even deeper.

      The downfall of those on the left is that they underestimated the size/scope & anger of the "silent majority"!

      We now know exactly who the Liberals, Leftists, Progressives, & Democrats are & all that they represent thanks to Obama & Hillary.

      We know the lengths to which they are willing to go to win, via tactics more akin to corrupt dictators of 3rd world banana republics, regardless of the damage they do to the country & our citizens, which include………

      1. Upon election, Obama immediately bypassed the Senate confirmation process/hearings by appointing 45 Czars unaccountable to Congress & exempt from the "Freedom of Information Act" thus avoiding oversight of his administration. Obama was intent on circumventing the laws, Congress & the Constitution from day 1 which proves that he had planned to do this long before he was elected which was an early indication of the danger he posed to the country.

      2. If they cannot get their way under basic laws, rules, regulations, & the Constitution they will change the laws, rules, regulations & ignore the Constitution. Case in point, the "nuclear option" where they changed the rules in the Senate to a simple majority of 51 to stack courts across the country with liberal judges, especially the 9th Circuit & the DC Circuit courts. Tim Kaine said they would do the same to appoint justices to the Supreme Court if elected. (After losing this election they want to change the electoral process to make it more beneficial for them, after having had a Democrat in office for 8 years.)

      3. Obama ignored the Senate recess rules to stack the NLRB "National Labor Relations Board" with union leaders who could attempt to force companies across the US to unionize by changing rules/laws making them more beneficial for unions & ruling in favor of unions in disputes. Obama was forced to rescind his appointments thus proving what he did was underhanded/illegal.

      4. Democrats changed voting laws in several states to make them more beneficial to them. Case in point, CO where they went to an all-mail in ballot process where there is no requirement for proof of citizenship or residence to vote & were even caught on video talking about dumpster diving for blank ballots in Aurora, CO. All ballots are automatically counted, there are no provisional ballots.

      5. The use of "executive orders" and a "pen and a phone" to bypass Congress & the will of the people even when it involves breaking established laws. Case in point, "Immigration" laws.

      6. Refusing to work with/negotiate with Republicans on bills that are thousands of pages long that will have a huge impact on the economy/our citizens & refusing to give either the American people or Republicans an opportunity to read them before ramming them through. It's one thing to play their petty little games with Republicans but quite another to ignore the voices of the American people by assuming they know best as if this is not a government of/for the people. Case in point, Obamacare. When running for election Obama said, "Sunlight Before Signing: Too often bills are rushed through Congress & to the president before the public has the opportunity to review them. As president, Obama will not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the Amer. public an opportunity to review & comment on the White House website for 5 days.” As well as “Obama will work to reform congressional rules to require all legislative sessions, including committee mark-ups & conference committees, to be conducted in public. By making these practices public, the Amer. people will be able to hold their leaders accountable for wasteful spending & lawmakers won't be able to slip favors for lobbyists into bills at the last minute.”

      7. If they cannot get their way with regard to spending increases, they will punish/hold the American people hostage until they do regardless of how unethical/inhumane it is. Case in point, Obama/Democrats shutting down the government, blaming the Republicans, & then blocking dying vets from accessing the WWII Memorial during planned ceremonies, blacking out sports/entertainment programs to troops overseas, closing Military Commissaries, forcing elderly Americans out of their private homes on federal land in the middle of the night, not only blocking access to national parks/monuments but also going out of his way to block views from miles away (he closed the Grand Canyon & blocked views of Mount Rushmore), closing privately owned businesses by blocking access to them on government owned land thus trapping some people in place in Yellowstone/under armed guard, refusing/delaying search & rescue on federal lands thus forcing ordinary Americans to mount their own search & rescue operations (body of Dr. Jodean Elliott-Blakeslee found in “Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve), shutting down the “Amber Alert” website, closing 1,100 sq. mi. of the Florida ocean, removing Vietnam war vets from the “Vietnam Veterans Memorial”, denying death benefits to families of soldiers killed in action, denying access to all Military Chapels, stopping therapy dogs from visiting sick children, etc.. Obama made clear that any attempts by Congress or the American people to provide private funding for any of these things would be blocked/vetoed. (Park Rangers were told to make life as miserable as possible for Americans to force Republicans to give in to Obama.)

      8. They admitted on video to rigging/stealing elections via massive voter fraud for 50 years or more & even elaborated on their various tactics.

      9. They want total control of the US/feel entitled to always have a Democrat in office & will resort to violence to win elections. Case in point, numerous attacks on Trump supporters/voters that resulted in the deaths of some & attacks at rallies that were sanctioned, admittedly, at the highest levels of the Democratic Party, including Hillary Clinton herself.

      10. Refusing to respect the electoral process by repeatedly trying to overturn the election; calling (62,000,000+ of us) ignorant, uneducated, low information voters, etc. while insisting that it was up to them to correct our “mistake” which included making death threats against the electors to get them to change their votes & even suggesting bribery.

      11. Suggesting that there was outside/foreign interference in our electoral process as a means of taking control of the process while also allowing foreign interference themselves by suggesting that those present illegally in the US could vote without fear of prosecution.

      11. Politicizing/weaponizing up to 15 different government agencies & using them against those on the right to coerce, harass, & threaten. Case in point, the IRS targeting conservatives at the direction of Democratics & possibly Obama himself in the case of Ben Carson who spoke out against Obama's policies at a prayer breakfast.

      12. Obama & Eric Holder of the Department of Justice seized the phone records from the Congressional Cloak Room of private conversations between members of Congress & the press & even went as far as to harass & spy on some members of the press and their entire families.

      13. Denying aid to our military while under attack & purposely lying/hiding the truth from the American people & lying to the faces of "Goldstar" families to win elections. Case in point, Benghazi.

      14. Dividing & pitting the American people against each other by labeling them privileged, racists, homophobes, nativists, populists, anti-Immigrant, bigots, xenophobes, fascists, white supremacists, imperialists, sexist, misogynist, islamophobic, anti-Semitic, transphobic, brown shirts, deplorable, irredeemable, Nazis, KKK members, etc. which has resulted in the deaths of many innocent people including numerous police officers. (The left only offers vile, hateful, harmful, destructive labels when referring to others, never anything constructive, positive, or uplifting which speaks volumes about them.)

      15. Policiticizing the education system & indoctrinating children with their political biases, spin, & lies.

      16. Cramming their immoral ideological agenda down our throats via the destruction of organized religion/forced acceptance of men in women’s restrooms, dressing rooms, locker rooms, showers, etc. regardless of the threat they pose to women/children. Forcing Americans to accept gay marriage as natural/normal & the destruction of the lives/livelihoods of those who believe faith/religion to be sacrosanct thus refusing to participate in said gay marriages...
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  1. baikal's Avatar
    16. Cramming their immoral ideological agenda down our throats via the destruction of organized religion/forced acceptance of men in women’s restrooms, dressing rooms, locker rooms, showers, etc. regardless of the threat they pose to women/children. Forcing Americans to accept gay marriage as natural/normal & the destruction of the lives/livelihoods of those who believe faith/religion to be sacrosanct thus refusing to participate in said gay marriages. Simple tolerance/acceptance is not enough thus they purposely misconstrue “avoidance” with “discrimination” because only under the guise of discrimination can they destroy the lives of others via lawsuits & enrich themselves in the process.

    17. They purposely instigate/create problems under the guise of asking innocent questions & suggestions. Case in point, Chuck Schumer suggesting that intelligence agencies could go after Trump for questioning their reports on Russian interference. Schumer of course will say that he was not instigating, simply suggesting it as a possibility. Anybody remember a Republican adminstration or Republicans in general doing what Democrats are now doing to subvert and delegitamize a Democratically elected president???

    18. The lamestream medias’ liberal political biases were laid bare thus they can no longer be trusted & yet they continue to report their own biased versions of the news a.k.a. "Fake News". They purposely take bits/pieces of conversations then twist them to change the meaning, at times suggesting that some things are “implied” by the speaker.

    19. The Democrats only remaining path to power is through the destruction of our sovereignty & the legalization of millions of illegals & so called "refugees".

    2016 is the year that Democrats/leftists were unmasked.

    Liberals, Leftists, Progressives, & Democrats have proven themselves to be the true party of hate & it is they who encompass all that is negative in society.

    Apparently, for Democrats it is much easier to destroy something than it is to create it & it is they who devastate/destroy the hopes, dreams, & lives of millions.

    They tried to obliterate the light at the end of the tunnel, a.k.a. "HOPE" according to Michelle Obama, but failed because they underestimated the resiliency of the American people & the size/scope of the “silent majority” a.k.a. “the sleeping giant".

    (This comment isn’t worth posting if it is not shared with others. It is long so please copy it, save it, & use it in the midterms against Democrats. Share it in its entirety or just parts of it as you see fit.)
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  2. oldsquid's Avatar
    Like scared cornered animals, overwhelmed by a world they simply aren't smart enough to understand, they will lash out, pretty much like they are doing here. It's a shame that some actually believe this bullshit. It's this baseless fear that the far right will fan.
  3. baikal's Avatar
    some will believe this shit because it is structured in multiple paragraphs.
  4. baikal's Avatar
  5. oldsquid's Avatar
    History is full of these kinds of proclamations made by authoritarians. Can be little doubt that Trump really does see himself in that light.
  6. oldsquid's Avatar
    On a totally different note, had an interesting evening last night. Went hog hunting in Milam County. Was on top of a hill just before sunset and spotted a lone boar, close to 300 pounds worth, standing under a deer feeder right at 350 yards from me. Had trouble picking him up in my scope because of the sun's angle, I kept getting flashes of light in the scope. Anyway, I finally squeezed off a shot, think I winged him because he definitely wasn't moving normally as he ran off. Couldn't get another shot off because the sun light kept flashing in my scope as I tried to pick up a now moving target.

    Was laying my rifle down when out of the corner of my eye caught movement much closer to me than that hog had been. Grabbed my field glasses and was treated to a broadside view of a full grown adult mountain lion, about 100 yards from me. He paused, looked right at me, and then dashed into the trees.

    I didn't see him until after I shot at the hog, and he was a good 250 yards closer to me than that hog. So afterwards I got to wondering, was he stalking me? I've heard of them attacking children. Anyway, it got my attention. Kept that .45 handy the rest of the time I was out there.
  7. oldsquid's Avatar
    Over on the AAS site, they are referring to Ant as "Idiotonious." Well deserved.
  8. Grillz's Avatar
    Probably written by Roger Stone.

  9. oldsquid's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Grillz
    Probably written by Roger Stone.

    LOLOLOLOL Damn, that photo does kind of sum it up. Nasty SOB's.
  10. baikal's Avatar
    You could write a hunting memoir squiddy.

    Liberal PETA snowflake pussy question: I know them boars are a menace and all, but as I sit here with my pig-shaped dog beneath my desk I wonder: how often do you "wing" them vs kill them?

    Watch out for dem lions....would be an ignominious way for a hunter to clock out.
  11. oldsquid's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by baikal
    You could write a hunting memoir squiddy.

    Liberal PETA snowflake pussy question: I know them boars are a menace and all, but as I sit here with my pig-shaped dog beneath my desk I wonder: how often do you "wing" them vs kill them?

    Watch out for dem lions....would be an ignominious way for a hunter to clock out.
    Don't know that I can give you percentages, Baikal, but it happens. Remember that I'm trying to hit that hog from 350 yards out, with the sun in my eyes. Yep, that's an excuse. On another occasion, with this same rifle, I got three, all lying not a yard apart.

    I'll admit that, like the arrival of the Russian strain of hogs, having a mountain lion in the mix does add another element. My dad recently told me of a bumper sticker he saw on a pickup, probably a rodeo guy, that said something like, "If your sport won't kill you, it ain't shit."
  12. baikal's Avatar
    Those wild cats get around. Several of my neighbors spied one on Shoal Creek near 45th street about a month back.
  13. Grillz's Avatar
    That cat was probably waiting for you to kill its fresh dinner. My old man when he was still in the hills of Okiehoma a few years back said he noticed one at some point that was coming around to watch from the shadows.

    Let them cats be squid.
  14. Grillz's Avatar
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  16. Grillz's Avatar
    Czek the comments baikalzez.
  17. baikal's Avatar
    Czek the comments baikalzez.
    Lunacy and douchbaggery, anything i should look for particular?
  18. Grillz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by baikal
    Lunacy and douchbaggery, anything i should look for particular?
    peggy666. ...
  19. baikal's Avatar
    Originally Posted by baikalLunacy and douchbaggery, anything i should look for particular?

    peggy666. ...
    Peggy has keyboard diarrhea...Russian smeg run amok.
    Updated 01-24-2017 at 03:11 PM by baikal
  20. baikal's Avatar
    Peggy's whole mythology is rather well thought-out. Definitely the work of a state agent....,quote=1