He.cannot. Leave. It. Alone.!!!

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    For some reason, the word "slapstick" comes to mind. These guys are better than the Three Stooges.

    Except for all the millions of working poor Americans who are about to get butt fucked. I hear Ant cheering over that prospect. It's an example of how he "cares" for others.
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    For some reason methinks the macho class of warrior Tea Baggers are gonna double down on the (in)voluntary swarth sucking : (Fraud makes thier pussies wet and they dicks hard) :
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    This famous quote from Milton Friedman, first articulated in 1982, is a more appropriate for understanding what unfolded:
    Only a crisis — actual or perceived — produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around. That, I believe, is our basic function: to develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes politically inevitable.
    Does America like to be fucked face down or on the Alter or maybe we get a dirty blowjob while the Rabbi is biting the foreskin off some infant boy with his teeth?

    Can we get Hollywood to give up sum narratives on how America is to take it in the mouth or up the ass?

    So as we are entering another Crisis Period® anyone care to guess which organization or tribe will do the counseling? Will the citizens be polled as to what the populace should do?
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    Information and communications departments in universities routinely study various communications systems, their rates of use and the effectiveness or ineffectiveness. It really is part of the academic process. There are, however, incredibly fucking dumb shits who, no matter how you try to explain it to them, will NEVER understand it. They are part of those dumbasses with diplomas that the right wing is always bitching about. Turns out, Ant really is one of those, here in his own words:


    Are taxpayers paying for this?* And once*a student has*completed this course what do you gain other than more student debt?*
    This from an AAS article about a class that will study Obama's use of social media.

    Now understand that Ant's ONLY real problem with this is that it involves Obama. If they offered, and my bet is that they eventually will, FOR THE SAME REASONS, to study Trump's use of social media, Ant won't have any problem with that at all.


    Because Ant is little more than a whore, in every classic sense of that word. My God, what a dumbass. LOLOLOLOL Decent people would be embarrassed to be that stupid.
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    It seems Antonderplundervotitszch wasn't correct that his Supreme Leader wasn't actually snowballing with some 'unethical' practitioners. What I'd really like to witness is the illegal nay criminal Soviet former Soviet Banksters with they testicles slapping the bottom of the Supreme Leader's chin. Slapstick as a sailor said recently. Yeah slap stick. Stick the stick in to do the do while the Tea Bag dispenser does its handy work. Maybe at his man's age the soft triple or quadruple chin gives an extra charge/feel to the Russian testicle sac when it does its rhythmic Rapepubilcan Sandusky style quivering mouthhole vibrational money laundering.
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    Only skimming these so far but like Fucktardatosis seems old douche bag Ill Douche likes for shit skinners to piss in his face. Would explain the obsession with Gold plating the inside of his sewer pipes on down.
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    Pretty amazing, gritz. Not even in office yet, and the scum is already rising.
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    I'm hoping video of Vladimir pissing in Schlupf's mouth surfaces like a Cold War Commie Submarine.
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    The Jack Officer is in the House :
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    Pissin contest :

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grillz
    Pissin contest :

    True That...

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    And more of Ant's sickness:


    If Putin is even half as brilliant as Donald gushes, then it only stands to reason that he would have collected information on both major party candidates.* That's political-puppetry 101:* eliminate the competition and then hold your winning*puppet hostage with the gathered and damning information and bend him to your will.
    Or it could be fake, and Putin only looked into one candidate because he loves America so much.


    @TT3 I am sure he loves America more than many of our folks on the left who tell of daily of their hate for this country and its people.
    This comes from an AAS article about Trump's "press conference," where Trump supporters are all atitter at Trump telling us nothing.

    People on the left don't ever say they hate America, because they don't hate America. Nope, the only "hate" involved is Ant's hatred for anyone smarter than him who disagrees with him, many of them are on the left. And his hatred for them he tells us about every day, while blaming them.

    What he's really showing us, again, is just what a sick motherfucker he really is.
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    Two Trumps and a Cup.
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    Squid...How stupid. Member of the left tell us daily how much they hate us and our country.

    And of course I wouldn't expect you to support students and the debt they run up. That would again take a little bit of courage, something we know you lack. So you attack me, instead of the waste of money. See why you are losing? America is just tired of yours and the left's uncaring attitude.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Antonious
    Squid...How stupid. Member of the left tell us daily how much they hate us and our country.

    And of course I wouldn't expect you to support students and the debt they run up. That would again take a little bit of courage, something we know you lack. So you attack me, instead of the waste of money. See why you are losing? America is just tired of yours and the left's uncaring attitude.
    Ant, there was a time in this country when we forced sterilized people as stupid as you. Academics study things. Your ONLY problem here is that they will study Obama use of social media. Later they are sure to study Trump's use of social media. And being just a hate filled whore, you won't have a problem with that.

    Actually, it's you who tell us how much you hate my country. You claim to love it, but then you vilify the very institutions and practices that make it America. You aren't bright enough to see that. But we can.

    I'm the one actually in the middle. But from your vantage point way, way out on the far right lunatic fringe, anyone who disagrees with you looks like a commie. We've been down that road before.
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    See, other than the usual name calling, nothing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Antonious
    See, other than the usual name calling, nothing.
    See, other than saying nothing and running away from the clear points I made, nothing.

    Ant, you really are a sick motherfucker. That isn't "name calling."

    And did you notice that even Fox News came to CNN's defense. Shepard Smith unequivocally said that CNN reporters adhered to journalistic standards and that no news organization should be subjected to what Trump did to them. But I'm sure that's all way too deep for you little brain.

    Ant, you do this drive sniping because you aren't intellectually able to engage in anything remotely like a deep discussion. You just don't have it. So you do these one liners and think you are clever. It's just too funny, and even funnier when we realize that you really think you are fooling us.

    You claim to not care what others think, but the truth is that everything you do and say is meant to convince others what a big man you are. In fact, we all recognize what a sick little fucking runt you really are.

    Now go run away and hide.