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  1. Memoriabilia up yo Pussay in tha McCarthur Suite

    "The Justice Department unsealed a fresh indictment Tuesday charging eight Navy officials — including an admiral — with corruption and other crimes in the “Fat Leonard” bribery case, escalating an epic scandal that has dogged the Navy for four years.Among those charged were Rear Adm. Bruce Loveless, a senior Navy intelligence ...
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  2. Putrefying $ Greed

    In man, the wolf represents that strange
    indiscriminate desire to eat up everybody
    and everything, to have everything, which is
    visible in many neuroses where the main problem is
    that the person remains infantile because of an unhappy
    childhood. Such persons develop a hungry wolf
    within themselves. Whatever they see they
    say, "Me too!" If one is kind to them,
    they demand more and more.
    Молодой says it is
  3. Vote in the Republican Primary and

    you may get one of these:

    SPECIAL NOTICE: You have been selected to represent Voters in Texas' 31st Congressional District. Enclosed please find documents registered in your name.
    It was accompanied by a four page cover letter, signed by the Chair of the National Republican Committee and addressed to me by name, and begins with: "After suffering eight years under Barack Obama we finally have the opportunity to reverse the damage he has done to our nation and ...
  4. Nothing Personal, Boomer Sociopaths.

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    "EVEN BEFORE the election, Americans were asking just how we got here — to this sullen moment of national reckoning. Since November, the autopsy has dragged on so long it seems there could be nothing left to dissect. But the search continues, because no truly satisfying answer has yet been offered. Deplorables, deportables, economic malaise, rural resentment, coastal hauteur whatever — these are just symptoms. The root illness remains undiagnosed, but ...

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  5. Saint of Circumstance

    I'm sure he would've hated this hippie shit. Here's to you:
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