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  1. Patton Is The Answer

    Who killed General Patton?
    What did Gen. Patton come to learn
    during and after WWII?
    Grillzez dares you.
    Click image for larger version. 

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  2. Jesus is the answer

  3. Sauve Qui Peut, La Vie

    I've watched this movie dozens and dozens of times...always missing I'm just shocked at the resonance. I saw this for the first time in Batts Hall in probably '84 where a good third of the audience walked out. Fuck 'em. I've argued with film buddies that this is the best movie ever made. I'd still win that argument on some days. Fucking brilliant.

    Starring the incredible Isabelle Huppert.


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  4. Cunts Do Mansplain

    My estranged gyrlfriend would quote the midget asshole's book mentioned.

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  5. Deso Dogg - Baller Jihadi

    Tupac ain't got shit on this gangsta. Jockin' tha white women and muderin tha infidels while dodging two unsuccessful drone attacks.

    Updated 05-01-2017 at 08:18 PM by baikal

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