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  1. Why The Donald Matters

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    Tangerine-haired, silver-spooned racist/rapist Trump is providing a breath of hot, fresh air to the stuffy aura of presidential politcs. Obviously he is an insecure, misinformed lout, wrong on nearly every issue, but that is almost beside the point. In the same way that Warren Beatty's Bulworth was a refreshing, (albeit fictional) presidential kamikaze, erstwhile Trump is knocking the shit out of what we think a presidential candidate should be. His asshattery ...

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  2. Can it cause PTSD? I don't have a clue.

    Here is the lead story from this morning's AAS, and it's kicking up some dust. I suspect that later a certain former Marine will wade into this and demonstrate his ignorance of this subject like some commenters over there already have.

    Be sure to read the comments section.

    First, a little background. This guy would have been an Aviation Boatswain's ...
  3. Active Duty

  4. Chapo's Listo

  5. The JADE HELM 15 conspiracy, brought to you by our far right lunatic fringe

    This just gets funnier and funnier. Some on the far right are embarrassed by this conspiracy crap hatched by their fellow travelers whereby the military's use of rural and rough terrain for training purposes is actually a cover for a government plan to "occupy" Texas and some other western states, turning Walmart's into prisons or "concentration camps." (no kidding, some of these morons actually believe that)

    Some on the far right keep trying to link these right ...
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