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  1. James Holmes sentenced to live.

    Author is also is doing life withour possbility of parole.

    "Good food, clean air up in the mountains, lots of drugs, some homemade brew and maybe even a shot of pussy," says James Diederich, a federal prisoner due to get released next year. "And he'll get a ton of fan mail by some hot bitches who will send him money."
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  2. It is what it is

    Once children enter the public school system—which about 90% of them do—the advantages of living in a well-off neighbourhood kick in. America is unusual in funding its public schools through property taxes. States have a floor price for the education of each child, but parents can vote to pay more local tax in order to top this up, and frequently do. Funding levels per pupil can vary by up to 50% across a state, says Mike McShane of the American Enterprise Institute, a think-tank.


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  3. Land Of Dope Cake

    Some comment say this is about class war, squiddie's obsession. Had an brilliant idea about it a few minutes back will wait for it to return.
  4. We are well on our way....

    to an America with a permanent, hereditary aristocracy possessing most of the wealth and all political power, presiding over a permanent peasant class. In certain ways, it's already here:

    At some point, this crowd may wake up to how they are being economically raped. And their anger could reach frightening levels.

    Neither party is doing anything to resolve this problem. In ...
  5. Hillary's out - Biden/Warren are in.

    While it's not official, there's no love lost between the Clinton's and the Obama's. And it's the Bamster who has been "leaking" the information about Hillary's illegal private email server to the press. I have no doubts that BHO is saving the best dirt for a special "going away" present for Clinton in September. If done properly the Prez can sweep the Clinton's off the map and have the lucrative lecture market all to himself in his "retirement".
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