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  1. Surprise Butt Sex

  2. Vitter the Shitter

    Unfortunate tweet from stone-throwing, adult diaper baby, living in glass dwelling:

    "“It wasn’t all about sex,” she told the Associated Press. “In fact, he just wanted to have somebody listen to him, you know. And I said his wife must not be listening,”

    Adding an ...
  3. Well, it's happened

    The Supremes just okayed gay marriage.

    That's two pretty deep losses for the far right in one week. I've tried to explain to some of our more intellectually limited correspondents how the right has lost over and over and over again throughout the history of this country. This is how it happens.

    On Tuesday, the Supremes saved Obamacare. Now, I've never said that ...
  4. War criminal attempts to evade conviction with hoaky web site

    Pathetic, calculating, callous, predicabtaly half-assed acknowledgement from the dry drunk

    Tags: war criminal
  5. Catharsis

    "Something's happening here, what it is, ain't exactly clear"

    Goddamn if it doesn't make my heart glad to see our crazy respect/tolerance for "The Confederacy" come crumbling down like the Berlin Wall. I guess that's how these things happen. Decades upon decades of malignant status quo, and then BAM! Paradigm shift. I am as guilty of sleepwalking through this evil tolerance as anyone.

    There's a statue of Jefferson Davis and other Confederates (traitors) ...
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