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  1. Republican Governors Butt Fuck Party Line on Raising Taxes

  2. Pour one out for tha Masta OG

  3. A couscous and kabob attack on Fox News

    David Cameron called one Fox "expert" an idiot. Ah, it's what we've known for some time. But the recent Fox apologies came on the heels of them being mocked by European media for totally false reporting, reporting on something that should have been easy to verify and either confirm, or not. But in grand Fox tradition, the temptation to whip up the mob with salacious crap and boost ratings overcame their primary job, to report the facts.

    And as with Bobby Jindal, how many ...
  4. The Butthole With A Thousand Faces

    Is The Palin Boner Guy The Same Guy Behind Ginsberg?
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  5. 24 rules from Werner Herzog

    1. Always take the initiative.
    2. There is nothing wrong with spending a night in jail if it means getting the shot you need.
    3. Send out all your dogs and one might return with prey.
    4. Never wallow in your troubles; despair must be kept private and brief.
    5. Learn to live with your mistakes.
    6. Expand your knowledge and understanding of music and literature, old and modern.
    7. That roll of unexposed celluloid you have in your hand might be the last in existence, ...
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