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  1. Surveillance of the Veil

  2. It's A Disco, A Whore Tell, Kill A Lot Of People

    Can anyone understand what the fuck this nutjob is saying?

    Click image for larger version. 

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  3. Con Man....

    Check this string of Tweets. Keep in mind that a blue check mark for a Twitter user generally means that bona fides have been checked.

    The Don Con....
  4. The assault weapons ban

    Since this subject has again been raised, I looked around for some explanation of the problem that covered the issue without getting too far down in the weeds. Although this Washington Post article is now almost four years old, it's still pretty straight forward:

    It explains the loopholes that made the ban less effective than probably was originally ...
  5. Potty Language

    At my son's grade school, they have a posted list of "do's and dont's": Do talk out problems. Do be respectful, etc.

    Turns out that the Masters of Universe still need a list to remind them to refrain from potty (and/or incriminating) language. Like my son's Elementary, they want to maintain their sterling record of never having a student/employer go to the slammer.

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