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  1. Clean Record. 49 Stops. 13 years

  2. Venture Aryan Brutes for Trump

  3. June 9th, 2009

    Donald Trump isnít the only president to have faced harsh criticism mere months into his presidency. At this point in former President Barack Obama's tenure as the leader of the free world, right-wing news outlets were condemning his request of mustard as a condiment. Hannity strikes me as a big mayo man, both sides of the bun.

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  4. King Troll

    Prez Chump didn't quit the Paris Climate Accord because of onerous obligations on the USA. The whole fucking program was voluntary. He did it because he knows what gimmicks work with his base, and he sticks to them. Trump gave the globe a stubby little middle finger, and his 30% constituency of coal diggers, oil drillers, prosperity xtians, and fellow narcissist sociopaths lap. It. Up.

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  5. Jesus is the answer

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