1. Memoriabilia up yo Pussay in tha McCarthur Suite

    "The Justice Department unsealed a fresh indictment Tuesday charging eight Navy officials — including an admiral — with corruption and other crimes in the “Fat Leonard” bribery case, escalating an epic scandal that has dogged the Navy for four years.Among those charged were Rear Adm. Bruce Loveless, a senior Navy intelligence ...
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  2. Nothing Personal, Boomer Sociopaths.

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    "EVEN BEFORE the election, Americans were asking just how we got here — to this sullen moment of national reckoning. Since November, the autopsy has dragged on so long it seems there could be nothing left to dissect. But the search continues, because no truly satisfying answer has yet been offered. Deplorables, deportables, economic malaise, rural resentment, coastal hauteur whatever — these are just symptoms. The root illness remains undiagnosed, but ...

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  3. Saint of Circumstance

    I'm sure he would've hated this hippie shit. Here's to you:
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  4. I Wonder What Old Squid Would've Said?

    The Donald is supposed to unveil a "massive" $54 billion DOD budget increase tonight...

    In other news...

    This old sailor Jurgen Kantner, complained when Germany paid his ransom to Somali pirates.

    Last Monday, eight years after complaining, he was beheaded by kidnappers in the Phillipines.

    "Bombarding" instead of paying: Is

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  5. Dear Donald. This is Niccolò

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    To: Donald J. Trump, President

    From: Niccolò Machiavelli

    Re: Recommendations

    "As I have elsewhere explored at length, the true worth of a Prince is determined by the means with which he takes power and how he seeks to manage his principality in the aftermath. Concerning your rise to power, I must first commend you on your masterful victory over your opponents. In Gaul, Caesar divided the barbarians so thoroughly

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