1. Desire As Bigotry

    Killing Event Reference Bible's Number Estimate
  2. Make My Asshole Safe For Rape Again

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    What is the dodge here :

    While the corporate owned media has the plebeians arguing over whether or not Iran should have nuclear weapons or if it intends to commit genocide against the Jews (the largest population of Jews in the Middle East outside of Israel actually resides in Iran), the debate is already
  3. THE USS LIBERTY, What Every American Must Know

  4. March Against Whores

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    Boyz this is a question.
    Grillzez attended the Ladies'
    March yesterday.
    After the fact it seems lots of dog
    piles. Not really difficult to
    parse out the self-serving
    aspect of these arguments.
    [The main one being where
    were these bitches when Gaza,
    when Syria etc. valid questions.
    But essentially the typical guilt
    application - deservedly not the
    question here - but sidelining

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  5. Code : Side Hustle Monkey : Pyramid : Slaves

    --> YOU --> <-- YOU <--

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    : Scheme

    Jacob Riis Bandit's Roost

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