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  1. Jesus vs. Secret Service

    Gonzalez was on the Secret Service radar as early as July when state troopers arrested him during a traffic stop in southwest Virginia. State troopers there said Gonzalez had an illegal sawed-off shotgun and a map of Washington tucked inside a Bible with a circle around the White House, other monuments and campgrounds. The troopers seized a stash of other weapons and ammunition found during a search of Gonzalez's car after his arrest. ...
  2. Ayn Rand: Still a Thing

  3. Conservative Agendas

  4. Mass redneck suicide

    How many American believe in the "American Dream" today? 42%. Overall.

    ....."Oddly, that same poll shows that far more Republicans than Democrats believe the American dream is still operative, 55 percent to 32 percent. If you wonder why that is, perhaps itís because many Republicans have a completely different definition of the American dream. They donít see it as a middle-class goal at all, much of it made possible by the promise of a decent education and secure

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  5. The Final Solution

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    No, it's not some ominous plot, it is what is going to eventually save our planet: The triumph of secularism + Interracial breeding

    In my admittedly non-representative west Austin neighborhood microcosm, my son's two best friends on our block, are of mixed race: One black/white, another white/(hispanic, itself a hybrid "race"). His friends opposite our alley are adorable mixed race (black white) boys. My next door neighbors ...

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