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  1. Fuck You Assholes

    "The old saw is that people get the politicians they deserve, and Iíll be crestfallen if Trump wins and proves this to be true once more. If you vote for him, youíre not making America great again. You are killing it. You are telling the world that America isnít worth it. You are telling the world that all of our big talk about freedom and unity and ideals is just a load of shit, and that you would prefer a smoldering dystopia where freedom is just a flimsy cover for evildoing, led by a man ...
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  2. Mornin Grifter / Income Share Agreements

    I can't recommend this movie high enough. Made by local ar filmmaker Steve Mims. I've been to parties at Steve's house, met him several times I can tell you this I'd would have never in 100 years have predicted that he'd make a movie this vicious in all the right ways.

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    Amerka the Empire is by the minute being raped to fucking death by Corporate/Christ Like entities while Christ's fore-bearers hold her head and stud war heroes like Fucktard

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  3. Mornin Sunshine.

  4. Parasitic Glaciation

    I guess the assuredly certain victory of Ill Douchť has got the emotion so high saint nobody can speak from love.

    So if anybody is wantin to get off that Glory Train for a second or two Grillzez found a cartoon to warm that methane gas boiling the oceans soon enough. I.e. the past shits in ar face.

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  5. Parasitic Skeleton

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