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  1. The Pussy and the Riot

  2. I'll Just Leave this Here.

  3. But they are imbeciles

    Members of Congress are outraged that one of the 1% would come before their august body and deal with them publicly exactly as the 1% thinks of them privately.

    Our aristocracy is getting to the point where they don't even hide their control of and contempt for our "elected" representatives. They know that they own our government and ...
  4. Blasphemers

  5. Pimp #1

    He said, Im going to walk away with it and win it outright, a long-time New York political consultant recalled. Trump told us, Im going to get in and all the polls are going to go crazy. Im going to suck all the oxygen out of the room. I know how to work the media in a way that they will never take the lights off of me.

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