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  1. Jesus Murderrz

    Grillzez don't watch no TV, Maddow almost never watched but at least she sticks to the subject...Read the video in the comments cause not only did Schweich off himself but soon after his Media Director offed himself too.

    Naw, Tea Baggers aren't racist theyz just good folks workin' hard at the 7-11 of Love for God.

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  2. Pence-ive

    So far, Mike Pence has caused, Google, Apple, Yelp, and Angies List list to halt any and all business in Indiana. This guy is vying against Wisconsin and Kansas for the most fucked conservative governance. Arkansas is on the shit list too. Money (surprise surprise) and nothing less, will be what cajoles these dickwads into the 21st century.

    I don't wish the citizens of Kansas, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Florida, or Indiana to suffer, but they did vote these rodsuckerz into ...

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  3. Yep, the old corrup racist Democrat south...

    and the new corrupt racist Republican south look pretty much alike.

    It's pretty much a fact that Nixon's "southern strategy" was specifically designed to lure racist southern Democrats away from that party by playing to their anger over civil rights legislation being passed by Congress. And it worked. Many, many southern Democrats ...
  4. Socially Conscious Queens of Sausage Vines
    Sausage is one of the more versatile proteins, as evidenced by the ability to eat it for breakfast with eggs or for dinner with pasta, along with the long list of types ofchicken sausage available at Trader Joe's. The meat has also launched a#sausagemovement Vine meme, with teens sharing their love of sausage via the magic of sick beats.

    Everybody say sausage keep it going
    Eggs, bacon grits, sausage.
    Iím a skinny bitch but I still take sausage ...

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  5. Curiouser and curiouser

    As this story unfolds, it just gets more strange.

    Although French and German officials are not "tending" to see this as a terrorist act, I'm wondering what else it could have been.
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