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  1. Like everyday

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    It's the Supply, Stupid: our disgusting glut of firearms makes the US #1 in mass murder among developed nations....ditto obesity, and incarceration, and uninsured. But let's talk mass murder. If you count murder-suicides, and gang killings, shit happens like everyday.

    That said, I have an offer to hunt deer this year.

    I'm mulling it over.

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  2. What Up Soldiers?
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    To which Ioffe replied, in essence, how can we coordinate with the Russians when they have opposite interests and they're bad ...
    Since Ayn Rand clumb up Alan Greenspan's filthy Asshole guess Ioffe will do.

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  3. Pogroms

  4. Don't Be Greedy, Give To The Needy, aka A Tithe is The Lord's

    Free Speech and Liberty are in danger Right Now. We need your help. Please, don't let Austin Rabble become just another goddamn Facebook page. Facebook sucks ass.

    You can Make a Difference. Help. Now.

    Larry Liberty
    1607 Elvas Way
    Austin, TX, 78758

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    And, if you have money burning a hole in your pocket, you can contribute to save my son's 5th grade teacher. Fucking Texas.
  5. Squeeze my Lemon Baby, 'til the Juice Runs Down my Leg

    Q: What is the difference between Donald supporters and adolescent 80s hair metal fans?

    A: I don't know.

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