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  1. March Against Whores

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    Boyz this is a question.
    Grillzez attended the Ladies'
    March yesterday.
    After the fact it seems lots of dog
    piles. Not really difficult to
    parse out the self-serving
    aspect of these arguments.
    [The main one being where
    were these bitches when Gaza,
    when Syria etc. valid questions.
    But essentially the typical guilt
    application - deservedly not the
    question here - but sidelining

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  2. Trump's America is a Paranoid Redneck on Meth

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    Like a redneck on meth, America cannot keep its paranoia or its nasty spending habits in check.

    Like a redneck on meth, we are certain the other guy is out to do us harm.

    Like a redneck on meth, we are suspicious of outsiders" and "stick to our own".

    Like a redneck on meth, we arm ourselves with guns and ammo we can't afford, while we feed our children school lunches no better ...

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  3. An External Perspective

    In Davos, the founder of China's equivalent of Amazon, Alibaba, Jack Ma, offers up some brutal truth:

    "...when Thomas Friedman published "The World Is Flat" in 2005, globalization looked like "a perfect strategy" for the ...
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  4. Code : Side Hustle Monkey : Pyramid : Slaves

    --> YOU --> <-- YOU <--

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    : Scheme

    Jacob Riis Bandit's Roost

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  5. These Days, E'eryone Needs a Side Hustle

    Watch this chemistry teacher hold down two jobs in the New Economy, and job #2 ain't slingin' blue meth...

    The sexy, new must-have accessory in today's thriving economy is a second job, aka a "mistress occupation". Mistress occupations allow today's earners to realize fantasies that are frequently taboo in "traditional" jobs like,

    Watching people copulate in your back seat.
    Cleaning vomit and/or ...

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