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  1. The One That Got Away

    Ted Cruz regurgitates the sperm he's been drinking while sucking on Israeli cock. He pukes it all over Hagel's lap.

  2. What You Didn't See last Nite

    The man's ego has no bounds. Like an overdone set design for a movie about a megalomaniacal demagogue.

    Kinda like:

  3. Shout Out To Ass Rape

    As G-d pulls his long wet cock from America's Asshole it is his Will.

    "Thus they not only aquired a meaning (because as we have seen, for the entire Oriental world, every historical event had its own signification) but they also revealed their hidden coherence by proving to be the concrete expression of the same single divine will" Turn your amps up to "explode".

    BRUCE FEIN : Rand Paul

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  4. Never mind.....

    Never mind.........

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  5. To the Grey Havens

    Pekid, but packed. From the hospital to one night in my bed, I now head West for the vision quest. No phones, no computers. See you fellows in a few...

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