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  1. No Really, Let Yogi Bhajan Fuck Your Wife

    Watch before it is taken down pt. 3 :

    When India cum up hard ginst this flic BBC pushed it up five days ahead of schedule and put it out there for all to see how in India the Ladies know how to be treated.

    When the Grillzez wuz fucking his last whore she wuz a yoga teacher where hur guru told her Merkan's don't no how to treat women that he was here to teach America how to treat dem womin then she sucked his cock and rode off to the sunset wit him. We's gettin school ...

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  2. No really, fuck your iPad

  3. Masters of the Universe

    Ego quenched. So, how bout dat Scott Walker feller?

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  4. Fist Fucking Russian Style

  5. One person's glimpse into the future, and observations on the past

    Jonathan Tilove has an interesting column built around David Alexrod in this morning's AAS.

    It's interesting because he acknowledges that most Americans have simply given up on the idea that anyone can actually "fix" the system in Washington, and they will be looking for someone who can just manage that system. He gives his ...
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