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  1. The Enemy Within

  2. Commie Town

  3. Where Can We Donate Money To This Hero?

  4. Even the fuckers are getting fucked

    Mergers & Acquisitions. Consolidations. You've heard of these since grade school, probably. The've existed hundreds of years, only in the past hundred or so to control, manipulate, and destroy competition using now illegal trade practices.

    What JD Rockefeller did to indie refiners, is doing to online Porn. Ever heard of redtube, youporn? Yeah, they're owned by a company that came out of nowhere a few years ago, and now owns 8 of the top porn 10 sites on the web. ...
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  5. I dare Antonious

    to watch this in its entirety. Take breaks but don't zone out. Tough on the thinking brain. But it contains the answer to our problem.
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