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  1. Wonder what kind of head problems she'll have later in life

    Here's a heart warming story of a 9 year old girl, firing an Uzi, and killing a range officer/instructor.

    No, this doesn't change my feelings about firearms, but I would never have let a 9 year old of either sex fire a fully automatic weapon at any time.

    The range I use in Leander I long ago decided to not use on weekends. On weekends the range, particularly ...
  2. Oh Mighty Isis

    Anyone remember this gem from the 70's?

    I find it highly ironic and prescient that our middle east "allies" e.g.Egypt (and Saudi, and Qatar) are now funding the real mighty ISIS today.

    Heckuva job W. Heckuva job.
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  3. Robert Sherrill

    By Adam Bernstein August 21 at 8:07 PM
    Robert Sherrill, a self-described “independent radical” journalist who brought an acerbic, at times polemical, wit to books about political leaders including Lyndon B. Johnson and Edward Kennedy, to topics such as military judicial abuses, and to moneyed interests like Big Oil and the gun industry, died Aug. 19 in Tallahassee. He was 89.

    The cause was pneumonia, said his goddaughter, Sidney Brammer. A former Washington resident, Mr. Sherrill ...
  4. Ain't competition grand?

    These guys just keep showing up alongside Ant’s end of the political spectrum and Ant and his pals can’t seem to figure out that these guys feel a kindred spirit in the GOP. This story is about a Klan group based in South Carolina which is going to the Ferguson, MO area to conduct a fund raiser for Darren Wilson, the cop who apparently shot Michael Brown.

    Now, the New Empire Knights of the KKK claim to have a chapter in Missouri which will conduct the fund raiser. However, the ...
  5. Baikal the Baptist

    This guy's logic, his charisma, his passion, his compassion. He simply melted my heart with his loving words. I'm con-verted thanks to this fine young man. Hallelujah, praise Jebus

    He has many sermons uploaded on youtube. I recommend you watch as many each day as your schedule allows.

    I hope one day I get to party for Jesus with him.
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