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  1. Justice

  2. Justice

  3. Devil went down to Georgia

    Squid, next time you throw up your hands vis a vis gun control keep in mind, we really are not doing all that we can.

    Take this guy.

    No wonder Ricky Boy is so cocky about getting his conceal/carry reinstated.

    If gun laws were like drug laws, you'd see less problems with both.
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  4. Wonder what kind of head problems she'll have later in life

    Here's a heart warming story of a 9 year old girl, firing an Uzi, and killing a range officer/instructor.

    No, this doesn't change my feelings about firearms, but I would never have let a 9 year old of either sex fire a fully automatic weapon at any time.

    The range I use in Leander I long ago decided to not use on weekends. On weekends the range, particularly ...
  5. Oh Mighty Isis

    Anyone remember this gem from the 70's?

    I find it highly ironic and prescient that our middle east "allies" e.g.Egypt (and Saudi, and Qatar) are now funding the real mighty ISIS today.

    Heckuva job W. Heckuva job.
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