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  1. Thugs Are Treasonous

  2. Massacre

  3. Grow some balls, Europe

    Well, a fellow Scot finally stepped up. It's fitting. David Cameron, British Prime Minister, lashed out at the Ukrainian separatists and Russia over the downing of Malaysian flight 17. He essentially reminded the other members of the European Union that Russia is dependent upon them, not the other way around, and suggested that they start acting like it.

    So much for Ant's European weak sister whine.
  4. The Bad Seeds in a few Minutes Bitches

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  5. Sociopath used to tell the Truth

    Man that Dick Cheney, ...dude's a trip. A multiple drunk driving drifter cowboy in his youth

    Anti-government long-term governmental official cum CEO with second heart

    Visionary global diplomatist who correctly predicted Iraq in 1994.

    "BRINKLEY: One other question ó it keeps coming up. Why didnít we go to Baghdad and clean it all up while we were there?

    Sec. CHENEY: Well, just as itís important, I think, for a president to know when to commit
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